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A libertarian would most likely be against this canon on the grounds that a psyche should rightfully be compensated if they are to present an organ and that should not be controlled by the government. A social democrat would most likely be in favor of much(prenominal) a rule on the grounds that the government would not have to compensate organ donors consequently essentially saving money for other practical healthcare matters. The constitutional view would be in favor of such a mandate on the grounds that the act of donating organs should be of voluntary nature anyways because such selfless acts would help promote the wellness of the community. I would expect a libertarian to be against such a mandate on the grounds that every individual should be able to make their own personal choice as to whether they decide to wear a helmet or not. A social democrat would likely be in favor of such a mandate because it overall supports the safety of human life. The organic view towards t his mandate would most likely be a favorable one because as more people use their helmets there is a higher likelihood of less casualties or serious injuries thus reducing potential healthcare costs. I would expect a libertarian to be against such a mandate on the grounds that every one person should be able to decide if their children should use safety seats and not it be forced upon them from the government. A social democrat would most likely trade the stand in favor of the mandate as it promotes the safety of childrens lives. The organic view would most likely be in favor of the mandate on the grounds that these safety procedures would reduce possible healthcare costs and ultimately lead to fewer fatalities on the road. Libertarians would probably be against the prohibiting o... ... the 10 percent. At 0 percent interest rate, this project would reach a surplus revenue of 1 billion and at 5 percent it would reach a surplus revenue of 316.5 million. This is a vast discrepancy in such a small difference in interest rates. Now, if the interest rate were to be as high as 10 percent then there would be a deficit of 156.6 million. So the politician is incorrect in his mastery and the interest is a huge factor in whether the government should consider funding for this project.These types of spending are most likely to occur in the federal official budgeting process than individually because they are easier to hide if done so. If we are to expose the pork then we are more likely to see its minimal theme benefit and also more likely to shoot it down. Therefore, such exposure may upset special interest groups or lobbyist who may be in favor of the pork.

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Gun Control Control Laws Decrease Crime Essay -- Second Amendment The R

Gun Control Since the days of the pioneers of the UnitedStates, firearms have been part of the American tradition asprotection and a means of hunting or sport. As we near theend of the 20th century the use of crap-shooters has changedsignificantly. Because of fast and steady increase in crimeand the fight for the right to own a hand gun, theintroduction of legislation for gun control, to try to reducethe crime in the United States, has been a hotly debatedissue in recent years. Although many people feel that guncontrol violates the right of the people, given in the secondamendment "the right to keep going arms", controlling distributionand sales and the registration of guns and gun owners isnecessary because of the homicide rate involving guns andthe violence by criminals using guns. Many people feel thatgun control violates the right of the people given in thesecond amendment the right "to bear arms". Opponents ofgun control, including the National Rifle Associati on, betterknown as the NRA, argue that the "right To bear arms" isguaranteed in the second amendment of the Constitution ofthe United States of America and licensing restrictionspenalize law-abiding citizens while in no room preventingcriminal use of handguns. It is also argued that by making itdifficult for guns to be bought and registered for theAmerican public there is a threat to the personal safety ofAmerican families everywhere. However controlling thesale and distributi...

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The Keebler Company :: essays research papers fc

The founhder of the participation, Godfrey Keebler, started with jus a small bakery in Philadelphia, PA in 1853. During the next two generations, local bakeries popped up around the country, including Strietmann, Hekman, Supreme and Bowman. With the introduction of cars and trucks (carrying the Keebler logo), bakery goods could be distributed beyond the neighborhood and regional distribution began.In 1927, unify Biscuit Company of America was formed. By 1944, there were 16 bakeries in the network from Philadelphia to Salt Lake City and their biscuits and zesty were marketed under a variety of scrape names for the next 22 years.Due to tremendous growth and modern business practices in centralized management, product consistency and quality, efficient use of facilities, speak to control and mass advertising, the company needed to operate under one name. In 1966, Keebler was judged to be the most sound and memorable. Over the years, Keebler has acquired several other producers of cookies and crackers (i.e., Bake-Line Products, Inc. The nations leading producer of private-label cookies and crackers in 1993 merger in June 1996 with sunshine Biscuit Company now owned by Keebler Foods Corporation).Keebler/Sunshine merger brought together two of the oldest and most respected names in the U.S. biscuit industry.Keebler and products are sold in more than 75,000 retail outlets nationwide, including Puerto Rico and selected planetary markets. The Keebler company seems to have more than one target market. With variety of products they offer, the company appears to be targeting just about every segment of the population+ Parents of untried children+ teenage adults+ Older adults+ People who enjoy snacking+ People who enjoy sweets/desertsThe market segmentation is largely homogenous in that the segmented groups+ Are generally young children or adults who are relatives of young children++ Starting at the age of 3 years old, and going up+ People who dont have term to prepare foods all the time+ Some brands target older people (i.e., Club Crackers, etc.)Keebler, in maintaining success in the market, emplys the 4Ps as followsProduct The company produces a physical good Cookies/Crackers. In doing this, the company became diversified by the use of several product lines, not just one line of cookie or cracker. Also, in acquiring other businesses, the company thought it best to keep the originating firms brand name vice-carrying its name on the untried product (i.e., Sunshine company). In thins regard, Sunshines Cheeze-It cracker line would not risk losing customers who are accustomed to that logo on the product or the name being used in association with the product.

Advancements in Technology That Help Children with Disabilities Essay

Advancements in applied science That Help Children with DisabilitiesOver the past few decades there have got been major advancements in technology, especially technology that helps children with disabilities in encyclopedism and participating in the classroom. Three recent technologies being used are the cochlear implant, the Fluency Master, and the FM System. Each one helps children with special needfully become able to learn and participate in school as well as children without disabilities their age.The cochlear implant is a device used by pro gear uply deaf people. About 6,000 individuals have had cochlear implants, since the late 1980s. The cochlear implant is the first, and still the only neural prosthesis that is aiding a significant shell out of a disabled population (Hear). If a child is born deaf they are usually implanted young because doing so will help them have a greater chance of being on grade level in school and not have such a large learning gap. The earl ier a deaf child receives a cochlear implant, the better the childs speech development (Hear). Speech development is very authorized to young children because they need to know how to communicate with teachers and classmates. Communication is the basis for learning. Being aware of sounds appears to help language development, and this can help narrow the gap in language skills hearing-impaired children experience compared with their hearing peers (Hear). Cochlear implants can greatly improve a deaf childs developmental abilities. We have found that when a child receives a cochlear implant, the child begins to develop language skills at about the same rate as a child with customary hearing, said researcher Dr. Mario A. Svirsky (Hear). The cochlear implant i... ...reference/tech/techgloss.htmlPhonak Hearing Systems. Improving the quality of life for people with hearing impairment. http// Documents. Using Assistive Technology in the Inclusive Cl assroom. www.cooklibrary.eduERIC Documents. Emerging Trends in Technology for Students with Disabilities Considerations for School Personnel. www.cooklibrary.comNational Association for Speech Fluency http// Speech Therapy for Stuttering. http// Power Stuttering Center, http// American Society for Deaf Childrenhttp//, Paula, J.D. FM Systems Help Children Learn http// This Organization. http//

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George W. Bush as the Anti-Christ Essay -- Exploratory Essays Research

George W. Bush as the Anti-Christ To really grasp the significance of the symbol of the anti-Christ we must first posit politics as itself symbolic. government activity is the semiotics of a nations will it becomes the People just as the People become it by being elected into office and participating in the policy-making process, or in dictatorships, by following the rules and not forming underground movements. But in a democracy, it is an especially tight symbolic descent, thus the clear relationship between political symbol and anti-Christ in George W. Bush. Both subject and subjectifier, politics in this nation exploits as it empowers by allowing a popular will (or a popular sense of defeatism) to manifest itself as a political aspect, who in turn is forced by his media (and his electability) to pander back to the People.Thus a candidate becomes a symbol--being both subject and object in the mind of the electorate. This goes beyond being a mere figurehead figureheads atomic n umber 18 allowed peccadilloes since they are not considered to be real decision makers. Figureheads express a politys emotions about an office, and only those. American political figures--especially presidents--express emotions and will, and they express them in terms of a man (Americans seem to line up strongly that the office should be held by a man). The presidency is symbol in that it expresses us we impeached Clinton because we found his conduct with Monica Lewinsky to be reprehensible. There was not the political will to convict him, however, because we knew that essentially he stood for us, and who among us has not had love affairs of which we are embarrassed? In essence, we brought Clinton before a bear on, but the crowd could cast no stones. Th... ...lves rich, spoiled, kind of dumb, but basically likeable. Bush is the essence of Americas self image untrusting of too a good deal wit, intelligence or erudition. It would be a miracle if he were to win the White House, whi ch is exactly why we will put him there.Thus the cycle of representation and symbolism is complete Bush is who we are corrupt, unrepentant, in awe of money and simultaneously endowed with it. The ultimate estimation of the Bush candidacy in terms of Revelation is not so much that it will positively usher in the End Times, but the indicators are undeniable. We have become the corrupt society that Revelation predicts. We have become practiced to receive the deceiver. Works CitedConason, Joe. Notes on a Native Son. Harpers Magazine Mar. 2000 39-53.Phillips, Kevin. The Prospect of a Bush Restoration. Harpers Magazine Mar. 2000 54-8.

George W. Bush as the Anti-Christ Essay -- Exploratory Essays Research

George W. Bush as the Anti-Christ To really grasp the significance of the symbol of the anti-Christ we must first call down politics as itself emblematic. Politics is the semiotics of a nations will it becomes the People just as the People become it by being elected into business office and participating in the political process, or in dictatorships, by following the rules and not forming underground movements. But in a democracy, it is an especially tight symbolic relationship, thus the clear relationship between political symbol and anti-Christ in George W. Bush. Both subject and subjectifier, politics in this nation exploits as it empowers by allowing a popular will (or a popular sense of defeatism) to manifest itself as a political candidate, who in turn is forced by his media (and his electability) to pander screening to the People.Thus a candidate becomes a symbol--being both subject and object in the mind of the electorate. This goes beyond being a mere figurehead figurehe ads be allowed peccadilloes since they are not considered to be real decision makers. Figureheads express a politys emotions about an office, and only those. American political figures--especially presidents--express emotions and will, and they express them in terms of a man (Americans seem to feel strongly that the office should be held by a man). The presidency is symbol in that it expresses us we impeached Clinton because we found his conduct with Monica Lewinsky to be reprehensible. There was not the political will to convict him, however, because we knew that essentially he stood for us, and who among us has not had love affairs of which we are embarrassed? In essence, we brought Clinton in the lead a crowd, but the crowd could cast no stones. Th... ...lves rich, spoiled, kind of dumb, but basically likeable. Bush is the essence of Americas self image untrusting of too frequently wit, intelligence or erudition. It would be a miracle if he were to win the White House, which is exactly why we will put him there.Thus the cycle of representation and symbolization is complete Bush is who we are corrupt, unrepentant, in awe of money and simultaneously endowed with it. The ultimate estimation of the Bush candidacy in terms of divine revelation is not so much that it will positively usher in the End Times, but the indicators are undeniable. We have become the corrupt society that revelation predicts. We have become ripe to receive the deceiver. Works CitedConason, Joe. Notes on a Native Son. Harpers Magazine Mar. 2000 39-53.Phillips, Kevin. The Prospect of a Bush Restoration. Harpers Magazine Mar. 2000 54-8.

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Political Philosophy and Major Theme Machiavelli Essay

Machiavelli had a true and abiding love for Florence. He wanted to feed Florence great and in addition find himself a job, as he lost his when the Medici family came into power. He dedicated his book on political science, The Prince, to Lorenzo Medici in the hopes that Lorenzo would be impress and offer him a job. However, Lorenzo ignored the book and Machiavelli. The Prince is a didactic examination of political power, how to achieve it, maintain it, and expand it. Machiavelli does non take into consideration what is morally right, or amoral, only what is useful and useless.The book is more like a technical creationual, and technical manuals only state the facts. The book defines what turns a mere man into a great ruler and what turns a great ruler into a mere man. Machiavellis book of politics is unique because it is so realistic. He does not place man in a false utopia where man live in eternal peace and harmony, everyone doing good to one another for the good of the cosmos whole. Rather, he writes a manual where there are political conflicts and tensions. Machiavelli writes how a prince should deal with these conflicts and tensions.He condones cruelty, punishment, religion, rewards, compassion, and integrity to achieve power. Whatever means to achieve the end. QUESTIONS 2. demonstrate Machiavellis heroes. Select one and discuss the traits that he finds admirable in that person. Be specific. Machiavellis heroes are Moses, Cyrus, Romulus and Theseus. They all formed civilizations. When Machiavelli talks about his heroes he is speaking of how to acquire a princedom. As Isiah Berlin says in his essay, Machiavelli admired these heroes because they were high-minded, tough, and tough enough to use brutality against the few, to help the public good of the princedom.He peculiarly admired Moses because he was worthy to talk to God. Moses had the opportunity to create a new civilization with the Israelites because they were being treated badly by the Pharaoh . Therefore, Moses took advantage of their discontentedness with their new master and led them in a revolt. Eventually creating a new civilization. Machiavelli admired Moses because of his strength of character that carried him through the difficult trouble of gaining power. 3. hash out Machiavellis opinions on the uses of cruelty to accomplish certain goals.The Prince is about the ways to achieve political power, with no preference for the way in which it is achieved. Machiavelli does not index unnecessary cruelty. His book is only about how to obtain and keep a princedom. Machiavelli believes that cruelty is sometimes necessary to acquire or/and keep political power. Machiavelli acknowledge that in the time he lived a political ruler would have to use cruelty, he writes, The new prince, above all princes, cannot possibly avoid the rear of cruelty.He also states in Chapter VIII that cruelty may be useful sometimes in achieving certain ends, provided it would bring no glory. 1 . What does Machiavelli think of the people in the course of human history? Machiavelli refers to the people as the masses, lots of times. He realizes that the people are a prevailing force in politics, whether it is a democracy or a republic. When a princedom is added to an already established kingdom, he writes that the customs must be the kindred between the two and that no new taxes or laws should be enacted.To do so would cause the people to revolt and the recently acquired princedom would be in jeopardy. Machiavelli realizes a prince cannot keep political power if his people hate him. A hostile population may abandon him or turn against him when hostile courtly attack, hence the prince go away lose the kingdom. Machievelli also believed that a prince may make an example of a very few be execution of severe punishment, but that letting the population bring disorder among themselves was bad for the whole community. Therefore, Machiavelli was wary of mob rule.Machiavelli re alizes that the people have to be relatively happy for a princedom to be healthy. 4. In general, what is Machiavelli telling his Prince with regard to the use of power? Machiavellis entire book is about power. How to achieve a princedom with power. function over the people with cruelty (or punishment) power over other princes with deceit or a bigger army or powerful friends power over the army with cruelty and/or money. He speaks of control over captured cities by dividing them into factions, disarming the people or forming hostilities among the people.All of these things achieve power. A prince must also be more powerful than his counselors, listening and gleaning knowledge but making his own decisions because a weak prince will do whatever his counselors tell him and then his counselors will take over the princedom. EVALUATION OF BOOK I think this is one of the most interesting books Ive read in a while. Its dry, realistic, terse, and to the point. Its also very easy to read (I was pleasantly surprised). All of the historical connotations are especially interesting.I read that Hitler, Mussolini, and Lenin found Machiavelli valuable interpretation I would like to delve more into that one In the Renaissance religion and learning were beginning to be thought of as separate and Machiavelli was a man of his time. His book was entirely didactic and did not have a trace of religion. He spoke of cruelty and deceit in matter-of-fact tones and kept his book strictly a manual, with no judgements. In our modern time, we have to discern his book in the same manner that he wrote it. If we do not, we will not understand what he was writing.

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Environmental Impacts Essay

There is a large gap between real and developing countries in terms of the attention given to environmental concerns. As a general rule, developing nations place the environment low on their dip of priorities. Managing the ecosystem takes a back seat to frugal advancement and industrialization, which are seen as more pressing needs. On the other hand, developed nations generally take a more proactive role in environment management because they have the budget and the technology to do so.They have besides recognized that further economic development earth-closet no seven-day do without sustainable environmental practices (Organization for Economic makeation and Development, 2001). Stemming from this basic difference of priorities is the ample disparity between the environments impacts on the health of people living in the first-year World and those living in the Third World. However, it is simplistic to assume that the former are forever healthier than the latter.While it i s true that developing nations use less environmentally-friendly practices, the sheer level of industrialization and commercialization in developed countries sometimes means that these countries provoke far more pollution and thus create more health problems for their citizens. A comprehensive assessment of the interaction between human health and the inhering environment is non possible given the length of this paper. Nevertheless, this essay will explore some differences between First and Third World nations with regards to two selected major(ip) public health issues, namely, air pollution and water pollution.Air Pollution Palo and Solberg (1999) have identified carbon dioxide as the around abundant greenhouse botch produced today, and they cite it as the most critical contributor to global warming, a phenomenon that poses a grave threat to human health and security. Confalioneri et al. (2007) detailed the exact temper of this threat in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changes Fourth Assessment Report. Global warming first affects humanity by ever-changing weather patterns.Extreme temperature swings, irregular precipitation, rising sea levels, more powerful storms, droughts and heatwaves have all become more common as a place result of global warming. These phenomena in turn negatively affect the quality and quantity of food, water and air available to human populations. These phenomena inflict a great amount of damage on human settlements and infrastructure as well. The worldwide spikes in malnutrition, infectious diseases, and deaths from extreme weather events are all directly proportionate to the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.The IPCC also warned that developing societies were at the greatest risk to these environmental pressures. Among these developing nations, Douglas et al. (2001) cited coral reef atolls and reef is get downs as the most prone because their rates of impart loss are dramatically impacted on by incremental rises in sea level. They cited the rapidly disappearing land of the Maldives, the Marshall Islands, and some low-lying Japanese islands as some of the most alarming manifestations of global warming.They added that rise in sea levels has led not except to escalating land loss, but also to the contamination of underground water sources in nations much(prenominal) as Israel, Thailand and island states in the Pacific and the Caribbean. The combined loss of arable land and potable water caused by global warming does not only lead to malnutrition and disease but also to social pressures such as overcrowding in cities, which increase the strain on the human populations health.In addition, developing countries lack the infrastructure to protect their populations from the increasingly negative repercussions of climate change. In nations such as India, Bangladesh and Burma, relief efforts for victims of increasingly destructive storms are routinely slowed down by the insufficient facilities , resources and personnel. However, it should be noted that developed countries are not immune to these calamities. The unprecedented destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina on a major U. serves as a grim reminder of the vulnerability of First World nations to extreme weather events. Cooper and Block (2007) are only two of many Americans who have accused the United States Federal Emergency caution Agency (FEMA) of being prepared for natural disasters on paper, only to be caught flat-footed when Hurricane Katrina struck the city of New Orleans on August 29, 2005. Cooper and Block also blame FEMAs ineptitude for the unsanitary living conditions thousands of survivors had to endure for several weeks after the disaster.To this day, New Orleans has not fully vulcanized from the hurricane. Carbon dioxide emissions are not the only major source of air pollution. Other chemicals such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) also pose significant hea lth problems. As Tang (2004) has underlined, these primary pollutants are doubly hazardous because they can react photochemically to create secondary pollutants, and these secondary pollutants can also undergo further chemical reactions which result in even deadlier substances.This type of air pollution is one of the most critical problems in mainland China today, especially in the capital of Beijing. As one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world, China has seen an enormous surge in demand for fogey fuels to feed its factories and the motorized transport of its citizens. In addition, China has much lower emissions standards for its automobiles compared to other countries, leading to more pollution produced per vehicle. Tang cited Song et al.(2003), who noted the subtile increase in respiratory diseases among Chinese living in urban areas, as well as many residents complaints about the chronic lack of visibility in Beijing. Once again, these health problems are not l imited to developing countries. In fact, this type of air pollution is acutely felt in megacities such as Los Angeles and London, where air quality is severely compromised by the millions of automobiles and the factories located in and around the city limits.However, developed countries are taking definite steps to strike the pollution, with one notable exception. As Al Gore observed in the documentary An Inconvenient Truth (2006), the United States lags far behind its European counterparts when it comes to enforcing more environmentally friendly emissions standards for its automobiles. The discrepancy has reached the point where some American vehicles can no longer be sold in European countries because they no longer meet government environment safety standards.

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Analysis of company history development & growth

Arthur W. Perdues quest for excellence in the poultry business began in 1917. Perdue started his company as a table-egg poultry farm. He slowly expanded his egg market by adding a new chicken coop all year. Arthurs son Frank joined the family business in 1939 after leaving school at the end of his the second year. In 1950 Frank took all over leadership of Perdue Farms, which had over 40 employees at the time.During the 1970s Perdue ente rosy into new markets in Boston and Philadelphia and alike opened a new processing plant in North Carolina. Shortly after this, in 1977 Arthur Perdue died, leaving behind a business whos annual growth rate was 17 percent compared to the sedulousness average of 1 percent. Arthurs son Frank was left behind to take over the business. Frank Perdue without a hint of self-deprecation stated that I am a B-minus student. I know how smart I am. I know a B-minus is not as good as an A-said of his father simply, I learned everything from him (Hill & Jones, 208).During the 1980s and 1990s Perdue Farms diversified and expanded its market further down to other eastern coast states and southern states. By 1994, revenues were around 1.5 cardinal a year. To add to this number Perdue purchased the twelfth largest poultry producer in the get together States with about 8,000 employees and revenues of approximately $550,000 a year.Internal analysis of military forces and weaknesses Maintain an environmentally friendly workplace Represent the total quality centering slogan Largest poultry producer in the northeast Second largest producer in the United States Involved in every tantrum of the businessExternal analysis of opportunities and threats Produce roasted Chicken and Chicken partsRisk of entry by potential competitorsThe risk of entry from potential competitors is low, due to the barriers of entry. The barriers of entry are high, traceable to the cost of starting the business and what it costs to remain successful. Perdue also has a co st advantage over potential new entrants that is credited to superior production operations. Perdue has control of their inputs required for production, such as labor, materials, equipment, or management skills. mingled with the existing companies rivalry is strong. There is no significant price competition because of the over capacity in the broiler industry.Buyers (consumers) have a great deal of talk terms power because the buyer has a variety of brands to choose from and a lot of options to choose from such as precook, fresh, roasted and boneless.Perdue Farms supplies all of its own inputs, and they have schematic relationships with the distribution retailers.The substitute products for the broiler industry are pork, beef, and seafood. These items hold a real threat to the broiler industry.Perdue is in a very good competitive position. It has gained recognition for neat one of the top broiler companies in the nation. One strength of Pedrue it that they own their own trucking fleet which they can distribute their own product. A main strength of Perdue Farms is that they refuse to let their product be shipped frozen. Perdue says that if the poultry is shipped frozen, it will loose flavor and moistness when cooked. This strength can result into brand loyalty, because when customers see the key out Perdue, they know that the product is fresh not frozen.Another strength is that Perdue leads the industry in quality. To ensure that Perdue continues to lead the industry in quality, it buys about 2,000 pounds of competitors products a week. supervision associates grade these products and the information is shared with the highest levels of management (Hill & Jones, 1998). Perdues company policy is taught to all associates in quality training.Perdue has one weakness at this time. Perdue has rode down the know curve and changed all of its other weaknesses into positives. For example, In the 1980s Perdue decentralized and formed separate business divisions. Soon after this was done, chicken sales leveled off. At on point the firm was losing as much as $1 million a week and, in 1988, Perdue Farms experienced its first year in the red (Hill & Jones, 1998).Perdue learned from this and quickly changed back to centralized.Currently, Perdue has the opportunity to produce other kinds of meat such as beef or pork. This opportunity could soften the financial repair if the threat of overcapacity continue to haunt the broiler industry.Perdue Farms Mission Create a quality product, be aware of your customers, deal fairly with people, and work sullen, work hard, work hard (Hill & Jones, 1998).Perdue is a vertically integrated agribusiness ( Perdue practices forward integration by moving downstream to distribution. Perdue owns it own trucking fleet by which they distributes it to the end users. Perdue also practices backward integration by formulating and manufacturing its own feed. By vertically integrating backward to gain control ov er the source of critical inputs or vertically integrating forward to gain control over distribution channels, a company can build barriers to new entry into its industry (Hill & Jones, 1998).The business level strategy of a company encompasses the overall competitive theme that a company chooses to stress. Perdue Farms business level strategy is considered to be differentiated. In the early 1980s Perdue diversified and broadened its market. Perdue did this by raising turkeys and production other meat products.Perdue distinctive competency is in premium quality products. Frank Perdue was convinced that higher meshing could be made if Perdues products were premium quality so they could be sold at a premium price (Hill & Jones, 1998). This distinctive competency resulted in 1994 revenues around about 1.5 billion and net profits at $50 million.The philosophy at Perdue is quality and efficiency with emphasis on the first over the latter. To ensure that Perdue continues to lead the indu stry in quality, it buys about 2,000 pounds of competitors products a week. Inspection associates grade these products and the information is shared with the highest levels of management (Hill & Jones, 1998).The structure and control at the put to work level is improved with efficiency. Efficiency is improved through management of details. At Perdue nothing goes to waste. To make sure this is true Perdue is involved in every aspect of the chicken business, from breading and hatching its own eggs to processing chicken feet and selling then to Asia as a barroom delicacy. These efforts were implemented through team management with a focused message coming from senior management.

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Jewish, Early Christian, Byzantine and Islamic Art

Teri Wilson March 1, 2010 Professor Hollinger Module 5 JEWISH, EARLY CHRISTIAN, BYZANTINE AND ISLAMIC ART Every godliness has its own draw close to craft and architecture. An assessment between different traditions can offer an illuminating insight into the varying religious forthlooks and theologies. Architecture, as well as invention, is influenced by a number of forces in society, in the environment, in the psychology of the tidy sum who produce it, and in different institutions.It is an expression of inner feelings and beliefs and so naturally is influenced by religion in galore(postnominal) societies. Religious architecture is created to experience the sacred, to provide a place into which spiritual energies flow and reflect a sense of the divine. Some religions mouth of art directly or have tenets which influence what can and can non be depicted in art. The scriptures of these religions be the theological basis and shape the way people in express themselves, and this i ncludes how they express themselves through art and architecture.The architecture in Judaism, Christianity, elusive, and Islam has important similarities and differences that are a result of the t for each oneings of these faiths. In the first centuries C. E. , Jewish communities could be found in every corner of the roman print Empire. The archaeological remnants and literary attestations of more than 150 synagogues throughout the empire make clear that Jews were integral to the urban landscape of late antiquity, well beyond the borders of Roman Palestine.Asia Minor, in particular, was one of the most prosperous, Jewish communities (Stokstad, 164) The third-century synagogue in the Roman garrison town of Dura-Europos, Syria, like the Christian meeting house and the shrine devoted to the Persian god Mithras that stood just yards away, was adorned with sumptuous painting. The Wall of Torah Niche had splendid murals with narrative scenes from the password covered the synagogues w alls painted tiles of zodiacal symbols ornamented its ceiling (Stokstad, 165). Plaques with dedicatory inscriptions give some indication of the individuals and families who funded the building of such synagogues.In building their monuments, Jews often embraced the Greco-Roman practice of paving material the floor with elaborate mosaics, many of which demonstrate an understanding of the second commandment injunction against image making that may surprise todays viewer. In early Byzantine synagogues such as Hamman Lif in North Africa and Beth Alpha, Hammath Tiberias, and Sepphoris in Israel, specifically Jewish symbolsshofarot (rams horns), menorot (branched lamps), and Torah shrinesmight come out alongside pomegranates, birds, lions, and fountains (metmuseum. rg). Zodiac wheels with human figures also find a great place in the pavements of several synagogues, dated from the fourth to the sixth centuries, as do scenes drawn from the Bible or allegorized images of the River Nile. Af ter the destruction of the Second temple by Roman emperor Titus in 70 C. Ean event commemorated on the Arch of Titus in Rome and in Jewish liturgyimages of the Temples furnishings, particularly the celebrated gold menorah, or seven-branched lamp, became emblematic of Jewish religion.Marble sarcophagi favored by wealthy Romans were adapted for Jewish use by incorporating a conventionalize relief image of a menorah (metmuseum. org). In the catacombs of Rome, Jews put gold furnish disks representing the menorah and Torah arks at their tombs, as well as symbols of the festival of Sukkot just as Christians placed glass disks showing saints All these images reference the destroyed Temple and invoke a hoped-for messianic age when the Temple would be restored. So varied are the contexts for the menorot that it is clear the symbol frequently served merely to distinguish a Jewish monument or a Jewish patron.Seven-branched candlesticks appear in Roman and Byzantine art in graffiti in the catacombs, inscribed on plaques, as a motif on seals, as decoration on glass bottles and on clay lamps all further testimony to the integration of Jews into late Roman and early Byzantine society (metmuseum. org). With the adoption of Christianity as the official religion, art was able, so to speak, to come above ground in the old pagan city of Rome, and painting, instead of being restricted to the decoration of the walls of the Catacombs or of small chamber and chapels, came into use on a large scale in the new churches that were at once set up.At the alike(p) time patronage go from the hands of the poorer classes to the richer, and artists of outstanding quality came to be employed as well as those of obscurer character, who would work for small fees (www. religion-online. org). To wall painting was added the more luxurious art of mosaic numerous sculptures were done, and minor objects, often in expensive materials, were in addition produced in the service of the Church, so that art production became at the same time both more extensive and more luxurious (www. religion-online. org ).A great deal of the work that was done at this time has of course perished, more especially that in fragile materials, such as textiles or paintings on panels, but a few mosaics of the fourth century and a good many more of the fifth survive in Rome, and there is quite a lot of sculpture, both on a large scale in muffin and on a small in ivory. Something has already been said about the ivories, more especially the Consular diptychs, which necessarily form a part of the world(a) picture, though it is not always easy to be sure of where they were made, as they are in a diversity of styles (www. eligion-online. org). Here we are concerned not so much with these things as with works which are essentially Christian and also undoubtedly Roman, such as the mosaics and wall painting, which are necessarily real estate or stone sculptures on a large scale in a material which was carv ed on the spot and quarried in the neighborhood. The earliest of the mosaics are those in the church of Sta Constanza, which was built as an octagonal martyrium or tomb sanctuary between 306 and 337. It was converted into a baptistery in the fifth century, when the askant apses were added.Only the mosaics on the roofs of the vaulted aisles are of the same date as the original building. This roof is divided into eight compartments, and there are different designs in each, though only those on the three sets on each side survive they are in pairs, balancing one another on each side. These mosaics, which consist in the main of scrolls and other diverse motifs shown in isolation against a white ground, are very classical in character they are virtually floor mosaics transferred to the roof. The mosaics which decorated the central dome have not survived, though there is a sixteenth century painting of them in the Escorial.They include scenes from the Old and New Testaments, bordered bel ow by a river and separated one from another by caryatid figures, not unlike the dividing panels in the Baptistery of the Orthodox at Ravenna. In the apses which terminate the sides of the octagon to the north and south are figural compositions of a rather different character, depicting the Traditio Legis, where Christ conveys future responsibility for sermon on one side to Peter and on the other to Paul. Our Lord stands in the centre of each apse, with the Apostle before Him, against a background of trees (catholic-resources. org).The mosaics are probably to be assigned to the time of the buildings conversion for use as a baptistery in the fifth century. They have, however, been very much restored at subsequent dates, and to-day appear somewhat clumsy (catholic-resources. org). Those in the dome probably belonged to the same date as those in the vaults of the octagon. Another similar church of this kind is the Church of Santa Sabrina, a fifth-century basilica in Rome. The basilic a, constructed by Bishop Peter of IIyria between 422 and 432 BC, is another must see (Stokstad, 170). Santa Sabrina, exterior is typical of the time, which is severe brickwork.In contrast, the interior displays a wealth of marble veneer and 24 fluted marble columns with Corinthian capitals acquired from a 2nd century building (Stokstad, 170). Christianity subject matter is the prime source of art up to the modern era. We find religious art in all styles and the major artists used Christianity in most of their paintings and built structures for Christian churches. In conclusion, it can be seen that art is not just one thing. It is a combination of devices which have taken thousands of years to grow and develop, through different religions, and through time.I in person feel that art is not something that we can define or even begin to describe. Art is to much a part of life to single out on its own or define, especially, religious art. Trying to write a summary on a general view of wh at art is is virtually impossible. Art, in spite of appearance of every person is seen as something different and unique making the definition of art diversified for every person. Works Cited 1. www. metmuseum. org 2. www. catholic-resources. org 3. www. religion-online. org 4. Our book, Art A Brief tale by Marilyn Stokstad

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For the first time

Time consumption also to be considered with these factors, being competent is what all reserve work needed and that would only be provided to us by our own technology. The significance of this proposal aims to give as alternative and replenishment to the manual organisation that Belles Catering Services is currently using. We know that all provide services are a big part of events. This proposal gives a computerized musical arrangement to be able to keep up faster, easier and such(prenominal) convenient and more efficiency to the teaching dust.This proposal also aims answer and makes the Belles give services accusation and vision completely. Online Infringements of Belles Catering Services our system,delimitation systems (IS) is the study of complementary networks of reward and software that people and organizations use to collect, filter, functioning, create, and distribute data. The study bridges business and computer acquisition using the theoretical foundations of information and computation to study various business postures and related algorithmic processes within a computer science discipline.Computer schooling System(s) (SIS) is a field studying computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their software and hardware designs, their applications, and their impact on society while IS emphasizes functionality over design. Walk 2013 Our system focuses in Catering Services. It is the business of providing foddering at a remote site or a site like a hotel, public house and other various locations. This is a food or service that is catered to you, in other words,you pay them to bring you their services, most likely a food Joint. Online Infringements for Belles Catering Services 1. Background of the Study Maria Plainc destinyhes started as an employee of a give service. While her keep up Leo Apaches is a set-up crew for the same catering service. When a friend suggest that they should start a itsy-bitsy business in 2005. At first, they have a few node who always roll for them, then suddenly they have been recommended by a customer to have their own catering services, The Belles Catering Services. The project titled Online Information System is a Catering Characteristic gives information intimately the services of Belles Catering Services.The project Online Information System is developed in HTML using Adobe Dreamier CSS. 5 , which focuses on giving information, suggestions, and mainly catering events Online Information System is a web-based application that runs in any web browsers, designed to help users choose the catering services they want for their events. Recruiters is easy to use for two beginners and advanced users. It features a familiar well thought-out, an attractive user interface, combined with strong searching, and reporting capabilities.The report generation facility of information systems to choke a good idea of which is the best package suitable for the person that is having th eir events. business 1. 1. 1 General Problem Statement of the How the proponents go forth develop an online information system that provide provide efficiency in processing information and a module to update the customers needs for the catering service events. . 1. 2 Specific Problem How the proponents will help the user to decide on the package that they will afford.This hassle will specify on the decision support system that the proponents will use according to their money and according on how many persons are coming to the event. How the proponents will develop a module for the decision support system. This problem will specify on how will the proponents develop an easy and efficient decision support system 1. 2 Statement of Objectives 1. 2. 1 General Objectives To be able to develop a web-based application for Belles Catering Services improve the processing of information and capability of a module to update the customers needs for the catering service events. . 2. 2 Specifi c Objectives To be able to help the user to decide on the package that they will afford . The system uses a finding Support System (ADS) that will create an information and manipulate the users choice of package. To be able to develop a module for the decision support system . Focuses on the condition of demonstrations needed by the users to identify the package for their given events. Study 1. 3 Significance of the Catering Services is a business that focuses amid the caterer and the customer.It is transaction on what will be the request of the customer for them to satisfy their needs and to give an accurate information about the services of the caterer. The main bearing of our group is to make the proposed system exist to help Belles Catering Services to makeshift business automated. So that the process of the transaction will be more efficiently and faster. Students To improve their analytical thinking and to unproven their programming skills in the field of online information system. Beneficiary To provided a well-defined proposed system in order to support their business in renovations between the customers.Customers To provide an information for them to know the choices that they want for their events,and for the suggestions they can say to the caterer in order for them to have a organ flow of the event. 1. 4 Scope and Limitation of the Study Scope of the Study The impact of technology has greatly expanded the scope and capacity of the average catering service. This is an on-going and developing relationship between the customer and the caterer as the computers full capabilities are gradually explored and applied to the online information system.Without internet, advertising catering services is difficult to manage, as well as publishing of the proposed system. It is also time consuming for the transactions and will do much more delay for the events. Scope of the System 2. 0 Methodology of the Study This chapter starts on the discussion about the pro ject research disintermediation. The second part presents the development of the system . Project Development Spiral model The spiral model is a software development process combining elements of both(prenominal) design and prototyping-in-stages, in an effort to combine advantages of top-down and bottom-up concepts.Also cognize as the spiral lifestyle model (or spiral development), it is a systems development method (SAD) used in information technology (IT). This model of development combines the features of the prototyping and the falls model. The spiral model is intended for large, expensive and complicated projects. Figure 1. 0 6 Phases of Spiral Model The spiral models divided into a number of design work activities, also called task region. The figure 1. 0 illustrates spiral model containing 6 task regions Customer Communication Task required to established utile communication between developer and customer.Planning Task required to define resources , timeliness ,and other project related information . Risk Analysis Task required to asses both technical and management risk. Engineering Task required to build 1 or more representation of the application. Construction and release Task required to form , test, install, and provide user support. Customer Evaluation Task required to obtained customer feedback based on evaluation of the software representation created during the engineering stage and environmental during the installation stage. 3. 0 Data Gathering, Procedures and OutputMany online information systems are operated manually by group of people. In such situations many people involved in the process of managing the catering such a way that inform the user regarding the information of the catering service, the decision support system of the catering, and help the customer to decide on how to choose their own affordable cater for their events. On the other hand keeping large amount of maintenance workers may cost a lot & it will not be efficient for a catering system. Manual process in the transaction of the catering is not a reliable method.On the portion of view, in manual system the user cant find the suitable information for his or her events. We interview Mrs.. Beeline Apaches on how their catering services works and the required information in their business. We found out that their is a package in every events in their catering. For example, in wedding they have full package which cost IIOP,OHO up to IPPP,OHO. In that package they have a complete catering service with set-up, a place to have the venue, the amenities and miscellaneous, and other needs they can get by renting in other rental services (egg. Hairs and tables). We also visit their faceable account to gather some information to use in our proposed system . In their faceable account there are pictures of the events that in low resolution settings so we didnt use their own image as the picture of events in their catering services. There are also foods and b everages that have also low resolution so in order to improve the quality of the design of our proposed system we provide the detailed picture of Belles Catering Online Information System.We decided that we will create two systems which is the back and front end. The front end is for the customer to vive the information about the services that Belles Catering services offered. , while the back end is for the admit in controlling the data in the front end. In the process of our system, the customers will find the information in our system, their needs and suggestion will be provide by our Decision Support System (ADS), and other things that can be say to the caterer in the used of telephone/cellophane number or use as reference. The Existing System They have no existing system so thats why the proponents choose the Belles Catering Services in order to make for them an existing online information system. . 1 Company Background Belles Catering Services in Banana Mycenaean City, Vulcan is a public catering service. The name Belles Catering comes from the name of the owner Mrs.. Beeline Apaches. Maria Plainclothes started as an employee of a catering service. While her husband Leo Apaches is a set-up crew for the same catering service.When a friend suggest that they should start a small business in 2005. At first, they have a few 4. 2 Description of the System By using the present manual system, work is done manually. So, each and every transaction takes much time to complete. Whenever user requires any information, the decision and update process also takes more time and it is difficult to find particular information. As the transactions of the catering increases there is more information to be processed and stored.

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Digestion: Describe the digestion of a burger Essay

DigestionA burger is broken pop mechanically by biting into it. The victuals in the mouth sets off salivary glands that secrete salivary amylase, which bars down amylase in the burger. When the food is broken down enough, the tongue shapes the food in a bolus, or a ball. The bolus is pushed back to the pharynx at the back of the throat. The food stimulates the opening of the flap so the good goes down the esophagus, rather than the windpipe. Because of peristalsis, rhythmic waves created by muscles in the throat, the food slides easily down the digestive tr phone number. Salivary amylase continues to break down the starch all the way down the esophagus.When the burger reaches the stomach, the epithelium, or stomach wall, secretes gastric juice which has a genuinely high concentration of hydrochloric acid and breaks up the burger. In the gastric juice is also an enzyme that hydrolyzes proteins called pepsin. This pepsin starts out as the inactive pepsinogen, and is activated by hy drochloric acid in the epithelium. After this, the burger is churned in the stomach and becomes chyme, or vomit.From the stomach, the burger goes through the pyloric sphincter and into the small bowel. In the first 25 cm of the small intestine, the food goes through the duodenum, a place where pancreatic enzymes and resentment from the live are stored. Bile, along with the enzyme lipase, breaks down fat while the enzyme nuclease breaks down nucleic acids and various enzymes, such as trypsins and peptidases, break down the proteins. These substances are called by hormones which act based on stimuli received, such as the food in the duodenum. Absorption also occurs in the small intestine because of its large surface area. It has a very large surface area because villi, or finger like projections on the surface, contain microvilli, smaller projections on the surface of the villi. Because of this, the surface area of the small intestine is greatly increased.The large intestine, or col on, has the job of retaining water. It reabsorbs water and nutrients that remain in the lumen. The undigested materials are then excreted in feces, and the digestion of the burger is completed.

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Huckelberry Finn Essay

I pick out decided to analyze three different journal articles related to the fable The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, written by toller Twain in 1884. I chose this topic because the novel is widely considered a masterpiece.In fact, Ernest Hemingway described its importance with the quest sentence All modern American literature comes from a book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn. In addition, the topic has a great interest because the novel has always been a prevail over of affray due to racial issues and the alleged praise of juvenile delinquency that it portrays.The three articles that and I am going to comment on atomic number 18 the following 1) Huckleberry Finn and America (Chicago Tribune, January 17, 2002) 2) Huck Finn, Censorship and the N-word Controversy, by Delia Lloyd (www. politicsdaily. com, January 6, 2011) 3) Light out, Huck, They Still Want to Sivilize You, by Michiko Kakutani (The New York Times, January 6, 2011).Look moresatirical play essayIn order to compare and analyse these three articles, I am going to focus on two main points the overall feel that the authors of the different articles beat about the book (which is usually very good) and what they comment on the controversial matters thatnovel crafts with. First of all, I will concentrate on the overall opinion that the authors express regarding Huckleberry Finn.On article 1, the author (whose name is not revealed) defines the novel in the following terms Few books in the U. S history have been as influentialor as controversialas Huckleberry Finn. Furthermore, he added Huckleberry Finn not only has survived the efforts to bury it, it has thrived and it has grown as a teaching cocksucker.As we could see, the author praises the novel strongly. In addition, he rejects the most critical opinions and defends Twains intentions (Twain wasskewering hatred and racism, intolerance and religious bigotry, royalty and imperialism). In the case of article 2, the author, Delia Lloyd, d oes not express a clear opinion about the novel itself.However, she declares herself as a devotee of Mark Twain, so it is likely to hypothecate of that he has quite a positive opinion about the novel. Regarding article 3, its author, Michiko Kakutani, quotes Hemingways famous sentence about Twain at the beginning of the article. Apart from that, there are not any more explicit opinions about the novel itself.However, a thorough registering of the article evidences a strong defence of it, and the author shows a very defiant attitude with those who criticize it. In terms of controversy, the articles express different opinions and ideas, and the authors make clear what they think about the nature and the novel and the convenience of altering it. For instance, it is important to point out the different dates in which the articles were written.Whereas article 1 was written in 2002, articles 2 & 3 were written the very same day (January 6, 2011) and were triggered by the same cause (a universityprofessor, Alan Gribben, had written a new version of Huckleberry Finn replacing controversial spoken language such as nigger or injun for more neutral, inoffensive terms). The author of article 1 is very critical with those who aim to disapprove the novel. In fact, he statedTwain wrote satire, and there are glorious lessons in his books even if they ruffle readers or appear, simply in the telling of the unvarnished truth, to in some way glorify injustice and racism. In addition, he ends the article with a sentence that leaves no doubt about his opinion regarding racial and social controversy arisen by the novel.(Huckleberry Finn is a glorious celebration of friendship and tolerance triumphing over the racism and hypocrisy of the day. That is why its a hard book to readand why it is one of the greatest works of American Literature). Delia Lloyd express a somehow ambiguous opinion about whether is convenient or not to introduce commutes in the novel. On the one hand, she says to be sympathetic with several authors quoted in her article, who are in clear contrast with Gribbens version of the novel (for instance, Matt Blum is quoted as saying How can we expect children to learn real history if we sanitize it for them?, whereas Elon James White argues that the only way to get Americans to deal openly and honestly with prejudice is to force students to be uncomfortable with terms thatunpleasant though they may beare part and parcel of our plains blatantly racist past). On the other hand, Delia Lloyd also makes some positive remarks about Gribbens ideas later on in the article, believably based upon her experience as a mother (As a parent, however, Im less sympathetic to Gribbens critics, or there are more practical reasons to think that having a cleaned-up version of Huckleberry Finn isnt, as Salons.Mary Elizabeth Williams puts it, the worst thing in the world ). Finally, article 3 is inappropriate to change the original version of the novel. This c ould already be implied from the title, which misspells the word civilize. This is a clear reference to the tendency of some characters of the book to pronounce language wrongly. Michiko Kakutani develops this idea throughout the article, refuting Grribben with subtleness and irony. As a result, he sometimes describes Grubbin labour with adjectives in inverted commas (improved) or using aggressive ones to refer to him and his work.( beingness an iconic classic, however, hasnt protected the novel from being banned, bowdlerized and bleeped). To conclude, I must say that, after reading the novel and several articles related to it, I think that the novel should be preserved in its original state. As far as Im concerned, such a masterpiece deserves to be consider and remain unaltered. In addition, teachers should be very careful when explaining it to children, and try to transmit them the real (and benevolent) intentions of Mark Twain. Bibliography -Huckleberry Finn and America (Chicag o Tribune, January 17, 2002).An articlewritten in the scope of the phosphate buffer solution series directed by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, which appeared shortly after the article. -Huck Finn, Censorship and the N-word Controversy, by Delia Lloyd (www. politicsdaily. com, January 6, 2011). It is an ambiguous article about the necessity of changing Huckleberry Finns most controversial parts. -Light out, Huck, They Still Want to Sivilize You, by Michiko Kakutani (The New York Times, January 6, 2011). A strong defence of the novel and fierce critic of those who intend to change it. -Playing in the Dark Whiteness and the Literary Imagination (Toni Morrison, 1992).

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Adolsent Habits of Spending Money Essay

I think back that many people are familiar with the economic crisis that has plagued the front of newspapers and run rampantly across unnumbered television news networks through and throughout the day.Billions of dollars are flying around to help businesses in hope of avoiding a catastrophic pecuniary meltdown. A barrel of oil has dropped to the lowest price anyone has seen in months, and multibillion-dollar companies are crashing into the rocks.In all honesty I genuinely dont mystify any opinion on the financial crisis. Of course I know the economy is failing. I see the stock market plunging and indeed slowly coming up for breath and quickly plunging once more, but in my mind this genuinely doesnt affect me because I dont know what I am looking at. It doesnt interest me, and I almost forget that it exists at times because I dont have anything invested and I didnt lose anything but 20 minutes in a day sitting on the couch watching some numbers drop.This is by far not the hea lthiest way to discern something as serious as this. I really only care about financial financial aid as of now, which is quickly dwindling by the way, in the hope that when I finally leave this buttocks and move on with whatever I plan to do to make a little coin in my life, I will not have to pay anything for a college education. Second on my tend is surviving until that point, and I plan to take it from there what I have always done through financial turbulence and what many others should begin to think about.So when I read an article in the New York Times yesterday titled, The Frugal Teenager, Ready or Not written by Jan Hoffman, I was quite intrigued. It seems that most striplings are being spoiled to an extravagant degree. Parents have had success in their lives afterward the late 1980s, ultimately giving them the ability to care for their children and essentially give their kids whatever they ask for, generally.I can buoy admit I was spoiled as a child and when I was a teenager as well. My parents have done everything to their ability, and so have many other parents. What interests me more than anything is that many of the teenagers in this article took spending less on designer clothes or whatever else teenagers want as an insult. Many of these kids have never been told no and they really dont like the sound of it.This is pretty sad. I know that parents want the best for their children and feel the need to do whatever they maybe can for them. This is perfectly understandable, but I believe that it has gone way too far, and the fact that it takes an economic meltdown that debilitates the United States and erases millions of peoples savings, investments, bank accounts and jobs to actually say no to privileged children is quite ridiculous.What does this really mean, though? Nothing. I guess that 20 social classs of good fortune has led parents to think that their financial situation would stay pretty much(prenominal) consistent, and the cash crunch got the better of them. My parents experienced this almost 15 years ago when my mom lost her job. When a familys budget goes from over $100,000 a year to less than $30,000, it is quite unimaginable. Your standard of living is completely pulled out from underneath of you and the only way to conduct is to move on.I had to be said no to quite often actually and it has done me well, and the teenagers now do not seem to know what money is. The only way to reverse this is to simply posit them there are going to be cutbacks and you will have to sacrifice just as much as we do.I was surprised by some of the teenagers reactions, though. They seem as though they actually care about helping their parents in this difficult situation, which is quite relieving, by agreeing to a cast down spending limit, shopping at lower brand stores and helping out with household chores to earn their allowance. This is how it should be.The grade of a child growing up with responsibility is the grea test gift a parent could possibly give to his or her child, and instead of a teenager entering a completely new field after graduating high school and moving on to college or right into the workforce, they will actually effect that the world just isnt something in Google Earth. The responsibility that my friends and I have learned while we were teenagers is priceless, and I wouldnt trade making food for a bunch of tourists 40 or 50 hours a week when I was barely able to work for anything.

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Impact the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Essay

Discuss the impact the Stephen Lawrence head has had on the Criminal Justice System? This essay will screen through the changes made in major argonas of Criminal Justice System after(prenominal) the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report published and attempts to address changes that necessitate already implement, the supposed and actual outcomes, and effectiveness of these changes in tackling institutional racial discrimination mainly based on qualitative pedantic debates. The murder of Stephen Lawrence, a black British teenager, in a racist attack in 1993, resulted in a detailed enquiry published in 1999 outlining the existence of institutional racism and as many as 70 recommended changes in policies regarding how practice of law should communicate with ethnic nonage groups much(prenominal) that these wad will trust law, as well as the practice of handling hatred crime. Adoption of these changes, as well as contradiction of criminal justice body towards the crime, seems to be slow.It is non until January 2012, thirteen eld after the inquiry led by Sir William Macpherson concluded, that changes in the Criminal Justice System have last resulted in two of the five perpetuators successfully sentenced to jail. The various problems in adopting such changes will be reviewed in assessing the overall effectiveness of suggestions made by Sir William Macpherson in the inquiry makeup. Policing practice is the key area in the report. institutional racism, as defined by Sir William Macpherson in Stephen Lawrence Inquiry report, is the collective failure of an organisation to give up an appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour culture, or ethnic origin. It domiciliate be seen or detected in processes, attitudes and behaviour which amount to discrimination through unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping which impairment minority ethnic people (Macpherson, 1999).It is noted that the Metropolitan Po lice Force accepted this definition and unfavorable judgment (House of Commons Home Affair Committee, 2009) despite initial strong reaction from frontline officers (Foster et al, 2005, Foster 2008). In academic delimitateting the acceptance of such definition is disputed, however. While earlier journal articles criticized the definition of institutional racism, and any(prenominal) quantify the whole inquiry report, as flawed and problematic (for example McLaughlin and Murji 1999, Innes 1999, Anthias, 1999), later academic articles and reports focus on monitoring the implementation of suggestions and appreciation of changes suggested in the inquiry report. While the definition of institutional racism is not the focus in assessing the overall effectiveness of Stephen Lawrence Inquiry on criminal justice system, how people react with this definition is crucial, and the initial unwelcoming reaction towards the inquiry report probably explains the signifi squeeze outt delay in impleme nting some of the suggested changes. The other focus area on policing is relinquish and chase power and practices.In the report Macpherson (1999) recommends more detailed records on stop and look incidents, which requires two copy of records detailing the reason for the search, the findings and action taken, and ethnic identity provided by the person being searched. While one copy is retained by law aim, the other copy must be given to the person being searched. The record is simplified to a receipt in 2009 only showing ethnicity of the person being searched and the location, and the full record can without delay only obtain in person at police station or online (Bennetto 2009, Miller 2010). Bennetto (2009) evince concern in his report, claiming such change shifts back towards the discredited pre-1995 model. Such concern is bonny because it can be seen as tightening of information freedom, which contradicts to what Macpherson hoped to achieve through his suggestion on stop and search records.No changes are suggested in relation to stop and search power, which the reason is not suggested. Changes in stop and search practices are, however, can be observed, as stated in Millers (2010) evaluation. unconnected from periodically publishing stop and search records, supervisors and managers of police speciality are now required to almost monitor such statistics and take timely actions if something wrong is being observed. Also stricter rules on stop and search have since been imposed, along with the requirement of police officers writing a detailed report on get by about every single incident which subjects to review seems helpful in improving police deal (Fyfe 1979 Skogan and Frydl 2004 in Miller 2010). While stop and search practice has been somehow improved, racial discrimination can still be seen in stop and search statistics. The notion of Black and minority ethnic groups, specially black people, have for many geezerhood been disproportionately at the receiving end of police stop and searcha fact associated with profound community resentment towards the police (Bowling and Phillips 2002 in Miller 2010) still more often than not applies forthwith.Millers (2010) analysis indicate that black people are about 6 times more believably to be stopped and searched, while it is about 2 times more likely for Asians. Similar idea is seen in Bennettos (2009) report, which draws on police statistics that shows in 2009 black people are seven times more likely to be stopped and searched than white, worse than Millers analysis with the most fresh figures in 2008. No official explaination is provided by Police, but Bennetto (2009) assumes this may be caused by simply discrimination of police officers against black youths or misunderstanding of black youths as problem seekers by police officers that prompts them to carry out stop and search. This can be seen as a impuissance in Macpherson report as such issue still exists after related rec ommendations have been implemented (House of Commons Home Affair Committee, 2009). Another area addressed in policing is the significant underrepresentation of police officers with self-claimed minority ethnic identity.Macpherson examined this issue with particular focus on employment practices of police force. Although Black Police Associations have existed well before the inquiry report published, it has been viewed as fragile (Holdaway and ONeill, 2006), and Macpherson report have rattling overseen this as a tool for promoting recruitment of minority ethnic police officers, particularly black. The result is that police force still faces difficulties in recruiting ethnic minority police officers thus unable to achieve their set targets (House of Commons Home Affair Committee 2009, Foster et al 2005). New recruit training plot has since been launched, however it is the organizational culture, dominated by racism, that creates the glass ceiling of ethnic minority and women police officers which fears such potential applicants off regardless of what the police force attempt to promote in recruitment publicizing (Fielding, 1999).Legislation and Adjudication is not a focus area in Macpherson report. Macpherson (1999) only suggested current sentencing practices to remain in place, and the abolition of double jeopardy rule on murder charges due to seriousness of such crime. The abolishment of double jeopardy rule on murder charges seems to have nothing to do with institutional racism rather, this change, implemented only in 2005, seems only to pave the path for retrial on the murder of Stephen Lawrence, which the police force admits to have been mishandled (Foster et al, 2005). It is a controlling move, however, because such change in order allows two of the perpetuators to be sentenced to prison and clearly demonstrate how the criminal justice system accept criticism on past mistakes. in that respect are debates on overall effectiveness of the changes sugg ested in Macpherson report. One claim, as noted in Rowes work (2004) and Waddingtons (1999), is that institutional racism is so deeply rooted in police force in which discrimination has actually become a culture, evidenced by female officers and those of ethnic minorities do not receive equal opportunities in promotion.Innes (1999) also claimed in his work that Macpherson report focus too much on institutional racism and fails to understand the complexities and subtleties intrinsic to, and constitutive of this particular aspect of police work, and at the same time displays a tendency to conflate what are in actuality go against problems of racism and systemic management failures, thus raising doubts in the overall effectiveness of the suggestions. However, official report in 2009 indicates that the recommendations are being implemented with positive feedback (House of Commons Home Affair Committee, 2009). In recent journal articles, although concerns have been raised as well, there are still acknowledgements of changes being implemented and positive outcomes have been observed (Bennetto 2009, Miller 2010, Rowe 2004).It can be seen that if all the changes are implemented, institutional racism can be effectively tackled one cannot expect it to completely diminish, however. To conclude, it is obvious the Criminal Justice System has positively implemented to almost all of the suggested changes in the Macpherson Report. The time taken to implement these changes, however, is considered too long that hate crimes, similar to the murder of Stephen Lawrence, has not been addressed timely before 2005. The limitation of the Macpherson inquiry in the areas of policing, legislation and adjudication practices only leads to issues in correction institutions not properly addressed. However, as the inquiry itself is based on a single unresolved hate crime that occurred 6 years before the inquiry, one cannot expect the inquiry to address every single issue in the criminal justi ce system.In fact, the coverage of Macpherson inquiry is so wide that institutional racism has been properly tackled in the past ten years, although still exists today because it has become a culture so deeply rooted in the criminal justice system that complete elimination is virtually impossible. Not all intended effects of the changes can be seen by now, but there is an obvious trend that the criminal justice system has accepted the criticism as institutional racist and moving on the right direction to have things amended. In recent years human right advocacies such as Equality and Human Rights Commission has put an eye on this particular issue and with their consistent lobbying effort, one can expect major progress in eliminating institutional racism from criminal justice system to be successfully achieved in foreseeable future.BibliographyAnthias, F (1999) institutional Racism, Power and Accountability, sociological Research Online, vol. 4(1). Available from http//www.socresonli /anthias.htm Accessed November 30, 2012 Bennetto, J. (2009) Police and racism what has been achieved 10 years after the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry report? capital of the United Kingdom Equality and Human Rights Commission. Available from http// policeandracism.pdf Accessed November 30, 2012 Foster, J. (2008) It might have been incompetent, but it wasnt racist murder detectives perceptions of the Lawrence Inquiry and its impact on homicide investigation in capital of the United Kingdom, Policing & Society, Vol. 18(2), pp. 89-112 Foster, J. et al (2005) Assessing the impact of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry, London Home Office. Available from http// Accessed December 1, 2012 Fielding, N. (1999) Policings Dark Secret The Career Paths of Ethnic Minority Officers, sociological Research Online, vol. 4(1). Available from http// uk/4/lawrence/fielding.h tml Accessed November 30, 2012 Holdaway, S. (1999) Understanding the Police Investigation of the Murder of Stephen Lawrence A Mundane Sociological Analysis, Sociological Research Online, vol. 4(1). Available from http// Accessed November 30, 2012 Holdaway, S. and ONeill, M. (2006) Ethnicity and culture thinking about police ethnicity, British Journal of Sociology, Vol. 57(3), pp. 483-502 House of Commons Home Affair Committee. (2009) The Macpherson Report Ten Years On, London Stationery Office. Available from http// pa/cm200809/cmselect/cmhaff/427/427.pdf Accessed November 30, 2012 Innes, M. (1999) Beyond the Macpherson Report Managing Murder Inquiries in Context, Sociological Research Online, vol. 4(1), acquirable athttp// 4/lawrence/innes.html Accessed November 30, 2012 Miller, J. (2010) Stop and Search in England A Reformed Tactic or blood line as Usual?, British Journal of C riminology, 50, pp. 954-974 Macpherson, Sir William. (1999) The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, London HMSO. McLaughlin, E. and Murji, K. (1999) After the Stephen Lawrence Report, Critical Social Policy, Vol. 19(3) 371-385. Murji, K. (2007) Sociological engagements Institutional racism and beyond, Sociology-the Journal Of The British Sociological Association, Vol.41(5), pp.843-855Rowe, M. (2004) Policing, Race and Racism, Cullompton, Willan (Chapter 3)Shiner, M. (2010) Post-Lawrence policing in England and Whales Guilt Innocence and the Defence of organizational Ego, British Journal of Criminology, 50, pp. 935-953Waddington, P (1999) Discretion, Respectability and Institutional Police Racism, Sociological Research Online, vol. 4(1), Available from http// lawrence/waddington.htm Accessed December 1, 2012

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Music Festival Featuring Adrian Brendel and Till Fellner

Adrian Brendel developed a strong affection towards medicament while a disciple at Winchester College, Cambridge University. At the college Frans Hermerson, one of his tutors at Cologne music Conservatoire, lectured him. Some of his contemporaries on traverse level include Alban Berg qu finesseet and Gyorgy Kurtag. He was also a member of the Chamber melody Society of Lincoln Center, one of the approximately esteemed young artist schemes from 2002. He is the brainchild of medicament at Plush, melodic theater normalize held yearly in summers in Southwest England.Andrian Brendel is a showman with a crooning voice that is clear and elaborate. He is oriented towards classical attunement, always with a comprehensive frame of the composers intentions. Andrian Brendel has earned himself an icon of a cellist musical vanguard in our contemporary generation. He has been staging dramatic solo musical concerts all over the world. He is a good group collaborator who has worked with mus ical juggernauts like Imogen Cooper, Paul Lewis, and bowl Fellner among others.In this research finding, up to now, we are centered on Adrian Brendel and gutter Fellner. Adrian father is known as Alfred Brendel an octogenarian musical Icon, they have also been timing up with his father to perform Beethovens music for cello and piano in huge gatherings cosmopolitan with promising appeal from the public. With his dad they have recorded Philips and the translation of a colossal A major Sonata, which featured notably on the BBC channel among other explicit musical and radio channels.Their humble concert expositions have been centered in Amsterdam, Lucerene, Florence, Frankfurt, and Royal Scottish national Ochestra. He has gone beyond as far as recording for radio companies including BBC, ORF, and NDR, WDR all based in Europe.Till FellnerTill Fellner was born in Vienna in 1970 and he went to further studies with Meira Farkas, Oleg Maisenberg, Claus-Christian Schuster and Alfred Bren del the father to Andrian Brendel. Till Fellner musical rush has seen him perform in most cherished orchestras, this include the St Martin in the Fields, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Camerata Salzburg, simoleons Symphony Orchestra, among others.He anchored his musical career on the international scenes when he won the first prize at the prestigious Clara Haskil International Competition in 1993. His chamber music constituted the Alban Berg Quartet, Lisa Batiashvili, Adrian Brendel, Mark Padmore and not forgetting heinrich Schiff.Till Fellner has greatly moved around the world pocking in most incredible musical centers in Continental Europe, America, Australia and Far east. He has also featured in crucial world festivals, just but to boot a few Scubertiade Schwarzenberg the Mozart festival New York and this where they teamed up with Andrain Brandel where they aroused the crowd.Felliners first performance was in 1995, he then featured mostly in New York with big time orchestras like the Chicago Symphony and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.Felliner has shared the honor of Tobey Maguire a Spider-Man movie star, its true that he doesnt parallel Maguire in terms of screen persona though his has been persistent in his music that is unfailingly earnest. It is evident that most of Fellner t separatelyers have complimented his musical ingredients that are inclined towards premiership. Kent Nagano a conductor upholds the notion that Fellners music has a special kind of truth and natural character.Brandel and FellnerMr. Brendel and Feller met in 1990 at Vienna Conservatory schooltime where Fellner was studying. At this juncture Brendel had an probability to listen to Fellner and it sounded fantastic for his music was agreeable to him. They have been meeting now and again to discuss on repertory and playing on two pianos. Mr Fellner and Adrian Brendel have since been performing in umteen concerts and even in birthdays.One summer they perfomed for Brendel senior, Adrians fat her in his 75th birthday. They performed lie during this occasion. Lied is dubbed from a British composer Harrison Birtwistle written as an honorary piece dedicated to the elderly Brandel. These duets have been complimenting each other and Brendel concur that Fellner is predominantly an intellectual player.Recently, Till Fellner and Adrian Brandel have featured in musical season was scheduled 2006-07. They perfomed in myriad places which included Montreal, Paris, London, Tokyo, New York among others. In New York they staged a couplet tour with Adrian Brandel. Tell Fellner has recorded myriad prolific CDs that have been selling explicitly, the first book of bachs The well tempered Klavier was realesed in 2004. Because of Tinnitus complication, an ear sickness, he had to terminate a musical concert that was held in Mozart festival at Lincoln in 2005. He however undergone treatment and he performs even better that before.Music moodAndrian and Fellner constitute a very magnificent duo poetic, ingenious, coherent, changing and well matched musical artists. In the event that Brendels intonation is not realistic, both that duet could round the music wi switch off its boundaries. The Duet brings out explicit melodies that rhyme with the aura of passion their stage is typically formal precisely, and more so when they hinge on the outer-movement rewind.The guitar like paraphernalia is harmoniously employed in blending the melodies. Held between the knees and bowed it ushers a flowing and impish scenario. Lieds piece of art comes out in a screaming tone that fills the room melancholically the sound however is sepulchral, economic and spare, it portrays the oozing darkness. These variations were likened to the Chinese whispers.The Lied piece progress in a mood that was symbolic, with dustup dichotomies and outrageous declamations, that depict somber atmosphere perhaps more to those connotations in funeral. The performances evolve in glorious demonstration where the d uet depict and eludes from the mythic archetypes. Persons in search of heroism would definitely seize the opportunity to dub a few magnificent traces in the sonatas played by the duet. Something close to the heroic Beethoven, the heaven-storming romantic.The music unfolds tentatively with hypnotizing tones that traverse across the rhythmic domains.They brake into elementary eccentric point that disappears in thin air leaving a polite silence. The chronological presentation of the sonatas F sharp and the E pocketable and E flat was an indication of predominant musical ingenuity that exposed the duets musical wit, vigor, power and vitalityReferenceshttp//

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Lanval Sir Gawain research paper

The legendary works of Lanval and Sir Gawain provides a confirmative human state of faithfulness and honor that depart truly boost the persona of these two individuals. Different portrayal of roles which go away chairman to a channel of similarities and differences was the focal point of scrutinizing these two masterpieces. In addition, upon exploring these two different works considering the positive and / or negative human state, attitude and guinea pigistics, it is imperative to determine the strengths of Lanval and Sir Gawain by using these criteria.The tommyrot of Lanval reverses the usual conventions in romance as the maiden rescues the knight instead of the usual advance that men took the introductory move. In the event wherein Lanval walk a way of life going nowhere, he looses his mind with and unfortunately his horse did not make to serve him and no opposite way but Lanval let go of his horse patently there were ladies along the way who came across with whom att ests gigantic attitude of accommodating him. As this two ladies approach Lanval, there was a prior intention of leading Lanval to the tabby cat. In Marie de Frances Lanval These two ladies came straightaway / To the beam where Lanval lay / Lanval, mannerly, well-bred / quickly scrambled to his feet / The ladies spoke, first to greet / Him, then with a message they say / Lord Lanval, the dame we owe duty / A lady of valor, wisdom and beauty / Its for you our lady has sent / Us.Now come along with us, do / Safely well conduct you through / Not far look, you enkindle see her tent (6.1-12). Despite the eagerness of the fairy to establish a discreet relationship, Lanval in make cannot take the pleasure creation offered to him, thus, he neglected to pursue such tempting emotion. For her kiss, her embrace, her touch / modest he cares about others delight / When he cant enjoy his ingest / The king saw him go off al ane / And she headed straight for that knight / She sat near hi m, she called him over / she spoke as her heart would move her / Lanval, I rattling so respect you / I really care, I really honor / And you can have all my making love / Tell me what you want I expect you / Must be happy at what I say / Im crack to go all the way / Lady, he said, let me go / I never thought to love you so / Ive served the king for many a day / His faith in me I wint betray / Not for you, your love, or anything / Would I ever act against my king (13.1-19).It came to the point that the queen became desperate for the reason that Lanval still hold his emotion and stay in being loyal. Out of which the queen claims that Lanval maltreated her and even come to the point that Lanval was put in trial because of the anger of Queen Guinevere. The fagot had just come home from the wood / His days hunting had been good / He went into the Queens chamber / She cried out, loud, when first she / maxim him, fell at his feet, begged mercy / Accused Lanvalhe had shamed her / He d asked her for a love-affair / Shed said no, with this result / Hed offered her an undeserving insult / He boasted of a friend so fair / So full of pride, breeding, honor / That the fille de chambre who waited on her / The lowliest, poorest of the poor / Compared to the Queen, was worth far more / The King was angry, to the core / His oath against Lanval he swore / In court hed prove he was no liar / Or else hed hang, or die by inflame / The King left the Queens bedroom / Called three of his barons to him / Sent them to bring in Lanval (15.1-21).On the other hand, the story of Sir Gawain and the putting green entitles epitomize the attitude of having a word of honor but unfortunately in the campaign of Sir Gawain, he did not make it up to the end. The game is that the challenger gets a take a chance to turn over the Green nickname but in a year and a day, he must go to the Green Knights chapel and then the Green Knight will test him and if he fails the tests, the Green Kni ght will hit him. Sir Gawain being the youngest knight in the round table unfolds the challenge of battling with the Green Knight and continue with the accordance that goes with the confront which was after a year of the fight the conqueror will go to Green chapel service to get a blow in return if he does not meet the ordeal.As Sir Gawain was on his way to the said place after a year, he was able to meet Bertilak. Sir, if you be Gawain, it seems a great wonder / A man so well-meaning, and mannerly disposed / And cannot act in company as courtesy bids (lines 1126 1997). As Sir Gawain reached the place, challenges were headed for him, which in fact was very symbolic in nature. Temptations occurs which in turn he get hold of a stays. Bertilak which happens to be the Green Knight also put him into the test as they come to the exchange of winnings. Unfortunately, Sir Gawain fails to be loyal and honest as he fails to utter the girdle that he has. some(prenominal) these stories presen t exciting analytical relationship taking into enumerate honor and courtly love. It is of great pride of the characters portrayal on how their outlook will affect their decisions up to the end which will make them a hero of their own. Compare and contrast these two poems is the focal point of this paper. In addition, at the end of this paper, identifying the similarities and differences of both works was essential in the analysis of the subject study.Compare and Contrast Lanval & Sir GawainLoyalty was clearly illustrated in both characters. It is of great value to take note how this certain attitude transform their individuality. Lanval promises not to damp the identity of his schoolmarm. Even when Queen Guinevere attempts to seduce Lanval, he refuses temptation because of her loyalty to his buff the fairy maiden. Evidently, the launching of such loyalty was rooted in the character of his lover. On the other hand, Sir Gawain takes the challenge for King Arthur in response to h is loyalty to his master. He also honors the pact of one year and one day and took the chance of fighting with beast in enunciate to render the pact of their duel. Sir Gawain has the will to sacrifice in order to hold on his word to the point that he almost experience starving just to agree his promise.In lieu of their loyalty, they established within themselves the honor which refunds them the pride. Lanval embrace his word up to the end even if he goes through a trial, he faces it with pride and honor. He did not endure the accusations of the queen and faces its challenges. On the other note, Sir Gawain seize his honor as he dwell on the challenges of the concordat up to the end. He did not even open a single door to have second thought to pursue the booking with the Green Knight and thus, give him ultimate honor.As regards to feelings, both the character of Lanval and Sir Gawain experienced to have intense love the one for a certain maiden and the latter was a love for the s elf. It could be different in criteria but both give them the strength to live. The pursuance of ones love ultimately gives them the drive to stand primed(p) and hold on what would make them tough. Definitely, as the character of Lanval and Sir Gawain defeats temptation, this love boosts their grip on the road to being strong.It brightens the lives of Lanval and Sir Gawain as their powerful love bestow them intrust. Lanval even if hes on trial and in any moment will destroy the life that he has, he consistently hold onto the hope that the truth will prevail whatever accusations of the queen towards Lanval, it will not persist because it just present an opaque scenario of events which did not occur in the first place. In Marie de Frances Lanval On the day punctuate for the trial / The barons have traveled many a mile / To be there the Queens there, and the King / And now Lanvals hostages bring / Him in. Theyre so sorry for him / A hundred knights or more, I guess / Would have do ne anything for him / So he could walk free away from the case / So wrongful are the accusations (20.1-9).The people will stand for Lanval as they witness the unreasonable accusations that queen bequeath on Lanval. Parallel to this, as to the case of Sir Gawain, as he faces the challenge of the Green Knight, his will sustains his hope. The more he pursues the pact, the more it will give him peace of mind. Thus holding on the brainchild of victory gives him hope.Guilt also took part in the characters stance and make plausible comparison. As regard to Lanvals encounter with the queen, even if he was very much aware that the personality of the queen might be ruin, Lanval still insist with his determination to stand to what he believes is right and that is to be loyal with his lover. As to the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, in consequence of Sir Gawains encounter with challenges in Greens Chapel, the host gives him kisses in return for his success, however he did not follow to what they agreed prior the battle, he did not give all of his winnings which gives him the guilt and thus consistently wear the girdle around his arm as a sign of his culpability.ConclusionThe act of sincerity comes into account as we weigh the guilt which was instill in the hearts and minds of the characters. Both Lanval and Sir Gawain were sincere in their craft. With no hesitance, they face the consequences of their chosen field. Fear was the major rub to their established characters.Both personas disregard pleasure and pain. The act of cynicism was present in Lanval and Sir Gawain. Courtly love was taken into account in these two characters. Lanval epitomized his sincerity and love for his fairy maiden as he kept prodigious the barriers of their relationships. On the other hand the host going to the Green Chapel touches the heart of Sir Gawain in one way or the other as he sealed himself in exchanging his winnings with the Green Knight specifically with the girdle that he got from the host. Sense of mortality was present as it has a feeling of third estate in both presented poems. These nearly pass the same life cycle as its main character being portrayed by Lanval and Sir Gawain almost has the same channel a sense of preciousness of beat and life.Good things happen to good people. Lanval broke his promise, and Sir Gawain broke his promise. But nothing bad happened to either. They learned from their mistake and they were regretful. Both authors show that after all, humans will be humans, and humans are capable of mistakes, no matter how honorable their past has been.Both the female characters are not loyal to their husbands. Neither is Queen Guinevere or the hosts wife. Both try to seduce another man and attempt to sleep with other man. custody are more loyal than women in these two works.On another note, there were also opposing instances in these poems. The works differ in loyalty. Sir Gawain lied to protect his life while Lanval lied to protect his mistress honor. Furthermore, as regards to the sense of guilt, Lanval did not felt a single guilt at the end as he chose to stand firm on what he believe was right. Lanval just ride off to Avalon with his lover as if it was okay for him to break his code of silence. On the Contrary, there was a feeling of guilt in Sir Gawain since he was not honest in exchanging his winnings and in consequence of his remorse he wears his girdle in his arms.Lanval and Sir Gawain show the interconnection of their stories as well as their temperaments. In one way or the other, there was resemblance with their stories and it presents a good basis of comparison.ReferencesLANVAL Marie de France, translated Judith P. Shoaf 1991, 2005Stone, Brian. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. British Library. 1974